Lisa Meyers McClintick, travel writer & photographer

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Lisa constantly seeks beauty in any setting.

This website was created by Lisa Meyers McClintick, an award-winning travel writer/photographer based in Minnesota--Land of 10,000 Lakes.

It's mostly dedicated to travel features throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest or within driving distance of the region.

You'll find features about stellar state and national parks, tucked-away resorts, local foods such as wild rice, quirky attractions, hands-on learning vacations, memorable family destinations, and outdoor playgrounds for every season.

The McClinticks dig for real dinosaur bones in Wyoming.
 We hope you enjoy what's here, and we encourage you to chime in with requests for a particular region or topic you'd like to read about. Contact Lisa at

Special thanks goes to Lisa's husband, Bob, a social media/communications specialist who holds down the fort when she's traveling; her parents, Lyn and Rik, for their welcoming northern Minnesota outpost; and her three-kid review crew, ages 8-12. After being hauled on road trips for the last 10 years, they're close to pros.
Happy travels!

Lisa's travel bug started in 1976. Blame Hawaii.
This is from the bucket list: Swim with a dolphin!